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Storage Estimator / Tips - Rodeo Storage in Casa Grande AZ

Storage Estimator/Tips

At Access 24/7 Rodeo Storage we have 11 unit sizes to handle any of your storage needs. We also have open outside storage for extremely large items such as RVs, large boats, trailers, and bulk materials.

Hover over the dimension sizes above for a greater description. This should help you estimate the general capacity of our units.

However, the best way to figure out what your actual needs are is to see the units in person and determine the size based on your stuff.

For questions and recommendations on storage capacity call our friendly office attendants at 520-426-9696

Storage Tips

Before Storing

  • Visit the storage facility with a list of things you plan to store to help you determine the size of storage unit you will require.
  • Think about whether or not you will require a climate controlled unit. If you plan to store climate sensitive items including candles, photographs, electronics, CDs, DVDs you may want to consider a climate controlled unit.
  • Look into insurance for valuable items. Some homeowners or renters insurance will provide coverage for storage items. Insurance is also available from Rodeo Storage.
  • Make a plan on where you are going to store items in the unit, it will help when loading the storage unit and when trying to find items later on. Make sure to allocate room for walkways.
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers or anything with an engine.
When Storing

  • Stack heavier items on the bottom.
  • Try to avoid stacking boxes directly against the wall as it reduces air circulation.
  • Consider using shelves to help utilize your space as efficiently as possible.
  • Clearly label boxes.
  • Use blankets or cloth to protect furniture from scratches.
  • Clean out appliances before storing and leave the door slightly open to help prevent mildew and mold.
  • Rub oil on bikes or other metal items to help prevent rust.

  • Putting open cans of gasoline, paint or oil in engines or cans in your storage unit, they present a large fire hazard.
  • Storing food products, they attract rodents.

5 x 5

Approximately the size of a regular closet.
Width: 5 ft.
Depth: 5 ft.
Area: 25 sq. ft.
Rate: Call for Specials

Ideal For: Several boxes, chest of drawers, file cabinet, chairs, desk, and other small items
Extra items
Books, records and files
Desk, chairs or patio furniture
Chairs, boxes and seasonal items